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Developed by an agronomist from Chitwan with national and international research experience, the 15+ acres of Lake Twenty Thousand’s grounds incorporate eco-friendly principles of integrated and organic farming to provide visitors with a safe and tranquil environment amid rice paddies, organic vegetable plots, ponds, woodlots, and many grassy lawns and flowering orchards.

It’s location in Devnagar places it ideally away from the noisy and concrete tourist hubs in the region without compromising easy access to the Chitwan National Park and other local attractions, as well as the airport, bus stations, and markets.Waking up not to the cacophony of traffic noises and street vendors but to the orchestra of some of the world’s rarest birds is only the beginning so come stay with us and experience the true nature of Chitwan!

Our cows and chickens provide us with fresh milk and eggs all year round and if you want to catch your own fish for dinner you can!
Come experience life on the farm!
able stay with us.

Activities and Attractions
Around the Farm
If you are interested in getting to know more about our culture and customs or want to take part in day to day and seasonal activities on the farm, you are most welcome to and can in many ways including the following activities:
  • Milk a cow in the morning or evening
  • Tend to our organic plots
  • Plant or harvest rice or wheat depending on the season
  • Feed the animals or take them grazing
  • Cook a Nepalese meal- Our chef will guide you through the spices, ingredients used and steps taken to make your favorite meal.
  • Rice mat weaving- Weave your own floor mat or yoga mat!
  • Learn how to play the sarangi (a traditional violin) or a traditional drum
  • Make your own Khukuri (The traditional Nepalese knife)
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Around the Village
You can borrow one of our bicycles and just bike around the village or take a packed lunch with you on one of the tracks into the jungle and find your own picnic spot.
Some popular and recommended destinations nearby are:

Bis Hazari Tal
A short walk or bike ride through our village amidst forested roads brings you to the western gate entry of Chitwan National Park and a further 2 km along to Bishazari Tal. Contrary to popular belief Bishazari Tal, or 20000 Lakes, is not thousands of lakes but rather 1 large Oxbow lake system. A combination of dense forests and wetlands has made this a perfect sanctuary for migrating and local birds as well as several rare and critically endangered species. It is considered to be one of Nepal’s premiere bird watching destinations.

Sita Mai
This temple to the Goddess Sita lies on the banks of the Rapti River about 5 km away. It is located within Chitwan National Park grounds and abundant with wildlife. A 30 minute bicycle ride there takes you through several indigenous villages where you can experience a way of life that hasn’t changed for many years. Surrounding the temple are Sal forests and you may spot some rhinos, several kinds of deer and many birds.

Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park is a Unesco World Nature Site, one of the last remaining undisturbed areas in Asia, and only a short drive away from LTK. Its very rich flora and fauna is today home to the endangered One-Horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Asian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Gharial Crocodile, and Ganges Dolphin. These plus many species of cats, deer, and monkeys prove popular for visitors who nowadays take back great nature photographs instead of hunting trophies.

Some of the activities you can do here are:
Dugout Canoe Ride
Floating downstream on the Rapti River in a hand-made dugout canoe is particularily relaxing in this slow moving river. Apart from taking in the scenery, you will have an opportunity to view two types of crocodiles, the Marsh Mugger and the endangered Gharial, basking in the sun. Bright colored kingfishers swooping from trees and many other varieties of birds abound. Our favorite sight is that of a caravan of elephants crossing the river with their trunks held high.

Elephant-back Safari
An elephant back ride is one of the safest ways to enter the jungle and see the wild life. It is an exciting never to be forgotten experience.

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